TRIBUTE 23 is presented by a collective of local artists and community organizers.


Paradox Traveling Art was founded and created by El Paso, Texas artist Laura Turón. The project is a traveling art installation project housed within a converted full-size school bus. The bus functions as a gallery and an art piece at the same time. With this project, Ms. Turón focuses on delivering art to areas that have limited or no access to art spaces; inspiring and encouraging artists; and providing art workshops, exhibitions at events, and lectures that promote creative expression and critical thinking.

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Majik Creatives is an El Paso based-marketing agency that aims at providing musicians and artists with out-of-the-box promotional tools to help them achieve their artistic vision.

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Creative Networks LLC. reconnects people and technology to leverage the power of creativity.We are a New Mexico-based event design studio. We design, manage, and promote virtual and live events to activate social networks, engage audiences and build community.  

    Meet The Team

    Miguel Garza


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    Also known to the public as musical artist, Mick Heron, Miguel's tragedy-inspired song "Never Gonna Fade" manifested to the mutli-layered Tribute 23 project during a prolonged visit to his hometown of El Paso.

    Laura Turon


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    As an avid artist and thought-leader in El Paso/Juárez, Laura Turón is elevating local art installations with her passion for creativity in public spaces. Hungry to give life to art in the community, she conceptualized and founded “Paradox Traveling Art,” an art installation, on a school bus, that travels to communities with limited or no accessibility to art spaces. An energetic and loving spirit, she wishes to continue collaborating with local communities to develop/promote the importance of art, representing diverse talent in the Borderplex.

    David Senk


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    As s a community organizer, David produces immersive experiences by collaborating with local as well as international interdisciplinary artists and performers. He offers an extensive palette of idea execution and innovation to Tribute 23.

    Kerry Doyle


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    An avid supporter of the local arts, Kerry Doyle brings hearty skills in community collaboration as the Art Director Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts.


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